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George Boyd, Owner

Hi, my name is George Boyd, and I love dogs. I opened Central Pups in 2004 with one goal: to provide a clean, safe, consistent, and responsible environment for dogs to play, while offering reasonable rates for the best care in town.

Whether you are considering day care or boarding, Central Pups will provide relief for boredom, separation anxiety, and destructive behaviors, with full time play, socialization, and competent care.

We are a hurricane-ready facility and owner staffed 24/7.

naddaCentral Pups is more than Daycare…’s PLAYCARE!

left5_180wSupervised groups play all day long! Dogs are pack animals and socialization is essential. Central Pups gives them a chance to be part of a pack in a safe, monitored environment, giving them a chance to socialize when their owners are not around. Dogs are able to stimulate both mind and body. And when you come home exhausted from a long day, your dog will be pooped, too!

We group dogs by size and temperament. They play in groups all day long and are always supervised by our staff. We have air-conditioned playrooms with special sanitary flooring and plenty of toys and games. We also have an outside yard with natural grass for potty breaks.

All dogs must be healthy, current on vaccinations, parasite free, and pass a temperament evaluation, to ensure the safety of the pack.

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